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500 + DFY HD Video Courses To Start Selling Immediately (with 5000-10,000 video lessons)

We are serious about giving you everything you need to capitalize on this booming eLearning industry and make the most out of it.

That’s why this Elite upgrade pack includes 500+ Fully Done-For-You HD video courses in sizzling HOT niches that will help you make more sales which means more revenue for you.

Each course contains 10-20 video lessons – all in all you get access to 5000-10000 video lessons – Which is a Massive value bundle.

It’s no secret that videos are one of the best formats for teaching and learning almost anything. This is an entire library of video courses PRE-loaded in your Courserious 2.0 platform, so you can start selling them immediately. Not just 500 videos, but 500 entire courses containing many videos!

With this upgrade, you can make income like a pro-level marketer even without writing a single word or recording a single video. Just plug in your info, set your own price, and start selling these courses right away.

Now Get A Custom Domain

With the Elite upgrade version, your academies can be mapped with your own custom domain with your own brand name and URL like instead of you can map it with

Get a custom domain for every academy site you create, for every niche, for all your students.

It will instantly build your authority and credibility and give you better exposure in search engines.

2000+ Additional PDF Courses to Boost Profits

To maximize your profits, we have also included an additional Additional 200 Video Courses & 1000+ EBook Courses in HOT niches that you can sell right away and start generating instant revenue.

These PDF courses are easy to setup with just 1-click.

This boosts your revenue in multiple ways. It will provide more options for each student to purchase more courses, thus increasing your value per customer. And it also broadens the scope of your course offerings, attracting additional niche audiences to your academies.

Vimeo videos and HTML Video embeds

Another upgraded feature is that user can add his Vimeo video in system as course lessons and even simple MP4 video embed codes can be added.

Customized Invoices

Now, with this upgrade, Users can customize invoices which are to be received by students when they make any purchase of the course.

Build UNLIMITED Pro-Level Academies

WHY be satisfied with a limited number of academies, when you could create as many as you want? With this Elite Upgrade, you can create unlimited academies for your every project, niche, business, or client… and once again they are all fully hosted for you.

Just imagine… if ONE Academy makes you $100 a week… with 100 Academies you could MULTIPLY that by 100…. Turning a decent $100 a week income into a mind-blowing $10,000 a week.

Sure, you may want to start with just one academy, but why limit your future potential? Who knows what ideas you may have in the future and how many niches you may want to pursue? There is no limit on what you create and generate with the Courserious 2.0 – Elite Upgrade.

Upload UNLIMITED Courses

Remember… having more courses means more students, more sales and more profits. This elite upgrade pack gives you the power to create unlimited courses with unlimited lessons for any audience, in any niche, for each of your academies without any hassle or extra cost.

With the ability to create unlimited courses in unlimited niches, you can cover the things that people want to learn about in a changing world and continue to add new courses as trends develop.

Attract Unlimited Traffic & Students

There are absolutely no limits on how much traffic you can get and how many students you can enrol. With Courserious 2.0 Elite Upgrade version, the sky is the only limit for your growth online.

Bonus 1:
GDPR Cookie Express Wordpress Plugin

Brand New WordPress Plugin For The GDPR Cookie Compliance Policy. Includes SOURCE CODE + Private Label(PLR) Rights! You can rebrand and edit/change anything you want to this plugin, and resell it any way you want. NO RESTRICTIONS!

You have unbounded rights to do WHATEVER you want with this plugin! This GDPR Cookie Express Plugin will spontaneously add a GDPR cookie grasp for all of your website visitors. These are the same style of GDPR cookie notices you've probably have seen displayed across the most popular websites on the web.

Bonus 2:
Wordpress Automation Secrets

Announcing a Brand New 8-Part Video Course. Finally, Discover How to Free Up Your Valuable Time and Run Your WordPress Site On Autopilot… Starting Today! This 8-part video course is designed to show you exactly how you can free up your time by quickly and easily automating tedious and boring tasks within your WordPress site!

As you know - your time is money. Running a WordPress website, whether you are trying to sell your product or service online, run a membership site, or any site takes time.

It is an extensible and non-proprietary automator plugin that lets you connect your WordPress plugins in conjuction and create automated protocol.

We’re talking about the most tiresome and numbing tasks that it takes to run your WordPress site. Everything from essential website retainment, creating posts and pages for your content marketing, making you sure your site runs fast, and to creating a fantastic experience for your customers.

The list continues to go on and on and on... Despite that, one of the biggest problems is that many people don't know where to start. There are thousands of WordPress plugin out there for you to choose from.

Which one should you use? Introducing... WordPress Automation Secrets.

Bonus 3:
Entrepreneurial Traits

Do You Have What it Takes To Succeed In Your Industry? Discover The 15 Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs. Are great entrepreneurs made or born? Many individuals struggle with this question in the quest of starting and operating a business. It is not an easy task growing a business from the idea stage to a big business with huge profit margins.

Entrepreneurial traits are the typical features, abilities and thought forms associated with flourishing entrepreneurs. Whereas some entrepreneurs are inherent with these traits, others can craft them.

Bonus 4:
6 Steps To Create Winning Udemy Courses

There are a majority of people making excessive incomes from courses that they have created for the Udemy platform. is the broadest online training website and it has millions of students and new prospects that are all looking for the right course.

For you to make good money from Udemy you need to create the right courses. In this report, we will show you the 6 steps that you need to take to create a winning Udemy course. Most of the instructors on Udemy do not follow the advice that we will share with you and as a result make very little, if any, money from their Udemy courses.

As you read through this guide you will see that all of the steps make sense and if you follow them you will have the maximum chance of creating winning courses time after time. So join the big money earners on Udemy by creating the best courses.

Bonus 5:
Top 20 Tools For Creating an Online Course

The first step to launching a extravagant online course is creating course content that is factually accurate, up-to-date, and visually appealing. Creating content may seem intimidating if you have a little web or technological skills, but it doesn’t have to be. In contrast, creating great online content can be easy with the right tools.

In this report, we provide you with the top 20 tools for creating an online course. These tools range from course organizing to grammar editing. In other words, these tools will help you create a successful online course from start to finish.

Online course creation channels make it swift and easy to shapeyour own courses. These are the premium software for creating online courses.Online course creation platforms make it quick and easy to do.

Bonus 6:
Course Engagement Hacks

Around 13% or fewer people complete an online course.

Even though you have an marvellous course, people's observation spans are short, and they can get sidetracked easily.

The truth is that if they don't complete your online course, then they will get buyer’s cognitive dissonance in the end and won't feel activated to buy your other classes. That said, if, however they complete the online course, then they will at least if the course is good mini will feel that they got the right amount of value from you.

More consumption equals more trust.

More trust equals more sales to your other courses.

In this step-by-step video course, you will learn how you can get your course students more engaged and motivated to take action.

Bonus 7:
Live Demonstrations Ecourse

This is a 10-part ecourse that goes over the subject of live demostrations. Live demos provide a great way to collaborate with and polished potential customers. However, can you go extravagant? As long as you are reasonable, you really can't go wrong with how many live demos you have. In other words, you should have live demos as often as possible.

Despit that, if you endeavor to get an audience and most of your presentations run without anyone watching, then it might be a better idea to pull back. Live demos should be focused around your audience and if no one is showing up, you need to look into creating a better marketing strategy. On the other hand, if you don't struggle with getting viewers, then this is another indication to keep having the live demos.

Live demonstrations helps to get a greater understanding of the product by showing different ways to show a product live.

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  • Additional 200 Video Courses & 1000+ EBook Courses
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  • Upload Unlimited Courses
  • Vimeo Videos And Html Videos Embeds
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Courserious 2.0 BASIC
  • 500+ HOT DFY Video Courses
  • Additional 200 Video Courses & 1000+ EBook Courses
  • -
  • Upload Unlimited Courses
  • Vimeo Videos And Html Videos Embeds
  • Customized Invoices
  • Get Custom Domains
  • -
  • $77

    Courserious - Basic
Courserious 2.0 BEST SELLER
  • 500+ HOT DFY Video Courses
  • Additional 200 Video Courses & 1000+ EBook Courses
  • Fast Action Bonus - 1300+ Cooking Videos
  • Upload Unlimited Courses
  • Vimeo Videos And Html Videos Embeds
  • Customized Invoices
  • Get Custom Domains
  • 7 Awesome Bonuses
  • $97

    Courserious - Best Seller

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