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Bonus 1:
Online Learning Profits

This is a video series about all about online learning that will show you how to make money from creating online learning courses. It is divided into 4 different video lessons.

There are so many advantages of online learning like it provides online courses from anywhere at any time, enables student-centered teaching approaches, provides courses which are accessible 24*7, provides with an online instructor, etc.

Bonus 2:
Launch Your Online Course

Over the last 6 months though, the rate of online courses has jacked up by 57% since all universities transformed to remote learning during the Spring 2020 semester. Even as the pandemic settles down though, it is expected that the prominence of online learning will remain.

Time flexibility is provided in online learning that certify the significance of online course options in the modern world.

On top of the numerous benefits for students that come with online learning, creating online courses can have great benefits for the creators too by increasing their income and reach.

One can add testimonials while launching his course which boosts their sales and profits.

Anyone can create a course, no matter what niche you are in or expertise you have.

Bonus 3:
Udemy For Reccuring Income Video Upgrade

Since its launch in 2010 has become the go to place for people who want to grab new skills through online video training.

There are now more than 30 million students from all over the world and over 100,000 courses available.

A lot of online marketers have tried to generate significant passive income through Udemy and have failed. This is because they made a number of mistakes that this guide will help you to avoid.

Marketing strategies of selling courses on Udemy are- advertising on popular sites, seasonal campaigns around the world, etc.

Every single thing that you need to be prosperous with Udemy is in this video course. If you pursue the best practices offered then you will maximize your chances of success.

Bonus 4:
Wordpress LMS Setup

Announcing The Unseasoned, 8 Part, Step By Step Video Course... Finally, Learn How To Setup an Fascinating Online Course On Your WordPress Site... Starting Today. This specific training course was anticipated to help you watch over my shoulder, step-by-step, click by click, to ensure that you are able to successfully and effectively setup your online course on your WordPress site.

It's a fact. Selling courses online is a great business model. But the problem is getting your course setup and ready for consumption. There are a variety of solutions to creating a Learning environment for your customers. These range from $97/month SaaS platforms all the way to WordPress plugins.

The fact is that not everyone wants to be stuck with an online platform they don’t own. What if there was a way to set up your online courses on your WordPress site? A site that you own?

Bonus 5:
Customer Intelligence Sniper

Finally, Reveal How to Captivate hurried Buyers to Your Products and Services...Starting Today! This 8-part video course is designed to show you how you can attract the perfect buyer who wants to buy all your products and services.

Have you ever tried to market a product or service online, only to have virtually nobody buying? Or are you doing well in your business but could be making even more sales, yet can't figure out why your sales are dormant and have plateaued?

The absolute reason why many people cannot make a lot of sales is that they are merchandising the features of their products and services, not their benefits.

Bonus 6:
Web Video Strategies

Future Proof Your Websites With The Latest Video. Make Website Ennoblement A Cinch With Video Marketing! Did You Waste Thousands Of Dollars On Marketing Your Business Online? Does The Dream Of Seeing Your Website Listed On The First Page Of Google Continues To Remain Elusive?

Globally, people watch more than 300 million hours of video per day, and it’s not all funny cat videos. Drag the effectiveness of video marketing to become an online sensation! Connect to your potential customers and become a brand name to contend with!

Bonus 7:
Email Profits Academy

The Email Profits Academy Is A Step-by-Step System For Creating An Automated Email Funnel With A Front-End Product, A Flagship Core Offer, And A List Building System. How To Create An Robotize Funnel With A Front-End Product, A Flagship Core Offer, And A List Building System Plus How To Robotize The Entire Thing In An Email Funnel!

Are you trying to build a business online but it feels like there are a 100 things you have to do each day? Have you tried putting together an automated email funnel but you’re just not sure how to put all the pieces together?

Benefits of Email Marketing are cost-efficiency, channel with extensive reach, quick setup and sending.

Do you hope you had a step by step system for creating an robotized email funnel? If so, I want you to read every single word on this page because you’re going to find out what you need to build an automated email funnel that makes you money day in and day out.

Bonus 8:
Selecting a Domain Name for Your Successy

Master how to Prefer a Domain Name for Your Success!

Back in the early days of the World Wide Web, it wasn't too painful to get any domain name you wanted. Today, it's a different story. It's pretty much hopeless to get a good one-word .com domain name, and it's becoming increasingly painful to get good names with other extensions.

To find a good domain name-choose a keyword that matches your website A domain name shouldn't be too long, though. If it is, it will be hard to remind. It's true that most visitors will click on a link from another site or bookmark your site if they're interested, but if someone hears your domain name and wants to visit, wouldn't you want him to be able to do so? If he can't remember it, you miss out on a potential sale.

Bonus 9
Hosting Panel

The greater number of your websites are controlled via a web hosting panel called cPanel. Perhaps you use parts of it or maybe you don’t.

The mark is that this panel can help your procedure and defend your website more skillfully, but oftentimes it goes unseen. It becomes under utilized, or not even used.

This video series will show you a more in-depth view of the features that cPanel provides and how you can take your website to the next level, as well as protect your website business.

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